The phaneros.io project is the reference implementation for the Humainary Events service provider interface (SPI).


The Phaneros project aims to fundamentally rethink and reimagine how observability events are captured, collected, and communicated within high- and low-latency computing environments. Our goal is not to design another logging toolkit or deliver a data collection solution to scrape lines of text from multiple file-based data sources like so many other open-source projects. No, the primary objective for this project is to offer a simplified but highly versatile instrumentation interface that affords efficient and effective contextualization of emitted phenomenon states within application and runtime system spaces. What if there were no events or log records but only named nested environments?


The project takes its name from phaneron (Greek φανερός [phaneros] “visible, manifest”), which is the subject matter of phenomenology. Charles S. Peirce introduced the term as “the total content of any one consciousness, the sum of all we have in mind in any way whatever, regardless of its cognitive value…I do not limit the reference to an instantaneous state of consciousness; for the clause “in any way whatever” takes in memory and all habitual cognition…phaneron is not limited to what is forced upon us; it also embraces all that we most capriciously conjure”.